Whether a returning customer
or first-time visitor, the ordering process starts with a question:

Where are you shipping to?

Shipping to a physical address within:

* Includes: China, Hong  Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysian, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and India.

FAQ: Ordering/Shipping

1. What if my country is not listed above, where do I place an order? 

ANS. To ship product to any country not specifically listed above, please contact Customer Service to help with orders going to a non-U.S. destination.    

2Can I access the U.S. Bookstore, and have my product shipped to another country?

ANS. No. This is also true for all four Growing Families distribution centers. The  bookstore platforms are not set up to process orders being shipped to a foreign address. Each country has its own "custom declaration" criteria and policies requiring special attention. (For assistance with a foreign address shipment, we refer you to question 1 above.)

3.  Are any of the Growing Families video courses/study guides available for digital download?

ANS. The ability to digitally download all Growing Families video courses will be available on or before November 1, 2018. World customers will be able to purchase various E-book study guides on or before January 2019. Unlike, physical books and DVDs, digital products have no international restrictions. 

4. How will my credit card be charged? 

ANS. Credit cards are charged according to the resident currency of the distribution center from which the order is processed. Resident currencies include:

  • U.S. dollar

  • Australian dollar

  • Singapore dollar

5.  Where can I download Babywise or any of the other On Becoming Series of books?

ANS. Currently, worldwide, there are thirty-six e-book distributors. However, the top four include:

6.  Are there any plans to set up bookstore outlets in Europe or Africa?

ANS. This is something we are working toward, but is not available at this time. 

7.  Where can I find a class in Brazil?

ANS. Brazil has one of the most comprehensive ministries in the world and carries the translated Portuguese versions of: Preparation for Parenting, (video and study guide) and Childwise (video curriculum and study guide.) Growing Kids God's Way (study guide), Reaching the Heart of Your Teen, (study guide.) Learn more about the Portuguese Growing Families curricula and how to find a class.