This page contains downloadable worksheets and handouts referenced in the various DVD presentations and corresponding Study Guides. 

Preparation for Parenting

Healthy Baby Growth Charts

Babywise Nap App
Available on iTunes and Market Place, Key word: Babywise Nap.


The Babywise Nap App can help any parent isolate the underlying cause of nap disruption and sleep disturbances for infant between two to twelve months of age. 

Toddlerhood Transition:

Family Activity Planner Word Doc

Children's Activity Planner Word Doc

Daily Activity Planner Word Doc

Weekly Activity Planner  Word Doc

Toddlerhood Discipline Flow Chart

Growing Kids God's Way

TouchPoint Profile Adult

TouchPoint Profile Children 

Parenting From the Tree of Life

TouchPoint Profile Adult*

*Note: The Life Series presents six emotional languages where as Growing Kids God's Way presents five emotional languages.

**Note: The life Series does not have a specific TouchPoint test for children. Please use the GKGW TouchPoint Test above. 

Basic Mealtime Manners "Do Not" List

Parenting From the Tree of Life and
Life in the Middle Years 

Virtue and Vice Comparison