There are four major ministry hubs serving Growing Families' network of parents:


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Serving Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the Growing Families Australia (GFA) team was pioneered by Bill and Joan Grosser of Perth in 1988. Since the beginning to the present, Growing Families Australia has been staffed and managed by volunteer parents who are positively impacted by the Growing Families curriculum. Growing Families Australia is a curriculum provider. 



Andj and Dorcas Li were appointed directors of the Asia-Pacific Region in 2002, although the influence of their ministry  began years prior. GFI Singapore oversees, 40% of the world's population and serves Taiwan, India, Malaysian, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Growing Families Singapore is a curriculum provider.  



The Growing Families ministry began in 1985 through the influence of one couple, who believe children and society are best served when both are conversant with virtue. Equipping parents in matters of moral thought and the emotional welfare of children is fundamental to the Growing Families' message. Growing Families USA is a curriculum provider.


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The Growing Families Brazilian ministry is one of the world's largest and most influential in the region. Operated in partnership with the University of the Family, the Growing Families' ministry influence is nationwide and found in every tier of society. The Portuguese courses include: Preparation for Parenting, On Becoming Childwise, and Growing Kids God's Way