Parenting from The Tree of Life - Part One

Covering developmental ages between: Preschool Through Early Adolescence

General Details: Part One- Six Sessions: Life, Children and Relationships

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  • Classes designed for husband and wife

  • Single parents welcome

  • Free Zoom App required. Download to phone, tablet or computer. (Setting up an account with Zoom is optional.)


  • Online registration form below: Once complete and payment received, participants will be contacted by the designated class leaders who will provide pre-class instruction and will be available to answer any questions relating to class mechanics.

  • Please note, online classes use a “Flipped Class” format; (watching each session prior to designated class meeting time.) The actual online class time is dedicated to discussion, questions and answers, and additional teaching from experienced class facilitators/mentoring coaches.

Part One: Class Registration Fee

  • Class Registration* $25.00 US

  • Workbook: $25.00 (Free Shipping) One time purchase covering Parts 1, 2, and 3. The class workbook(s) are shipped to the address provided on the registration form, (US destination only.) To receive your print workbook(s) prior to the first class, registration and payment needs to be received a week prior to the class start date.

  • *All certified Growing Families’ class leaders volunteer their time and receive no compensation, apart from the satisfaction of knowing they are helping other parents achieve rewarding outcomes with their children.

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