1.  Is there a limit to how many videos a person can stream per day or week?


2.  Can the content be used by organizations, profit and nonprofit?

ANS.  Yes. The Growing Families' content may be used by religious institutions, corporations, schools or any institution seeking to offer values-based parent education.   

3.  Can the video content be used in small or large group class settings? 

ANS.  We encourage such use.

4.  Can I download the individual topics?

ANS.  Only topics so designated as "downloadable." All others streaming topics are subject to international copyright laws.

5.  Are there any limitations on the use of the streaming or download content? 

ANS. Yes.

  • Neither the streaming or download content can become digitally incorporated into another person or (entity's) work, curriculum, or website without the express written consent of the Growing Families International.

  • The Growing Families' content, whether free or purchased, is subject to copyright protection. The video content may not be digitally incorporated into any program that seeks to profit by its association or use.

  • The Growing Families streaming content may not be digitally captured by any retrieval system. The content may not be sold, traded or bartered.

6.  Can the video topics or courses be edited in any way?

ANS.  No part of any video presentation may be altered. To do so is considered unauthorized copyright infringement.  

7.  Can anyone digitally add their own opening and closing to the videos? 

ANS.  Only in the case when promoting Growing Families' classes or upcoming Growing Families' event.  

8. How many devices are authorized when course are sold digitally with download or content on USB drives?

  • Relating to Individuals: The license associated with each complete series entitles the purchaser to store the video content on his or her personal computer, phone and tablet. The license also extends to the spouse's personal computer, phone and tablet.

  • Relating to Profit and Nonprofit entities: The license associated with each complete series entitles the entity to store the video content on a total of four corporate owned computers or tablets.