The Babyhood Transitions
(5-12 Months)

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  • Viewer Note: This index contains segments from the Babyhood Transitions (5-12 Months) series and some pertinent pretoddler concepts contained within the, Preparation for the Toddler Years (12-18 Months).



Adjusting Late Night Feeding- BHTV1-08S

Adjusting Schedule- BHTV1-02S

Age Appropriate Toys, Importance of- PFTV3-04S

Amusing Our Children, Dangers of- BHTV2-13S


Babies and Curiosity- BHTV3-01S

Baby Food

-Begin as You Mean to go BHTV2-O9S

 -Breastfeeding and Solid Foods BHTV2-03S

-Breastfeeding Warning BHTV2-04S

 -Cereal BHTV2-02S, BHTV2-05S     

 -Fruits BHTV2-10S

-Hand Control BHTV2-O9S

-Introducing Solid Foods BHTV2-01S

-Juices BHTV2-11S

-Hand Control BHTV2-O9S

 -Meats BHTV2-11S

 -Unique Needs BHTV1-12S

 -Vegetables (General) BHTV2-06S, BHTV2-07S

 -Vegetables (Yellow) BHTV2-O7S, BHTV2-08S

 -Where to Begin BHTV1-12S, BHTV2-01S

Baby Food Jar Labels- BHTV2-06S

Baby Foods to Avoid- BHTV2-11S                            

Babyhood Transition, Explained- BHTV1-03S

Babyhood Transitions

 -Finger Foods BHTV3-04S

 -Schedule Sample BHTV3-02S

Baby, Waking Early From Nap- BHTV1-06S

Begin as You Mean To Go- BHTV2-09S

Bibs, Pretoddler- PFTV2-01S

Blanket Time, Educational Advantages- BHTV2-12S

Bottle Feeding, When to Drop- PFTV2-01S

Boundaries, Baby’s Capacity to Understand- BHTV4-13S

Boundaries, Establishing, Pretoddler- PFTV3-01S

Brain Enchantment Videos- BHTV4-09S


Calories, How to Count- PFTV2-03S

Calories Needed, Twelve Month Old- PFTV2-02S

Cat Naps- BHTV4-07S

Cereal, Baby

 -Consistency BHTV2-05S

 -Mixing BHTV2-05S

 -Types of BHTV2-02S

 -Wheat Cereal, Dangers of BHTV2-02S

Church Nurseries and Crying- BHTV4-09S      

Correction- BHTV4-01S, BHTV4-04S

Curiosity and Babies- BHTV3-01S, BHTV4-01S

Curiosity, Pretoddler- BHTV2-13S, PFTV4-03S


Dads, Encouragement to be Involved- BHTV1-13S

Dream Feed- BHTV1-07S, BHTV1-08S


Employment-Returning to- BHTV1-10S


Feeding and Flexibility- BFTV1-05S                           

Feeding Routine, Four Month Old- BHTV1-05S

Feeding, Signs Baby is Done- BHTV2-04S

Feeding Time Variable- BHTV1-05S

Finger Foods- BHTV3-04S, PFTV2-03S

Food Stages, the Three- BHTV1-12S

Food, Starting Solids- BHTV2-01S

Foods to Avoid- BHTV3-04S, PFTV2-03S

Foods Serving Size for Pretoddler- PFTV2-03S

Fruit Juices versus Fruit Drinks- BHTV2-11S


Highchair Challenges- BHTV3-05S, BHTV2-06S

Highchair Training- BHTV3-06S,

 -Encouragement and Instruction BHTV3-07S

 -Hand Training BHTV2-09S, BHTV3-11S

 -Pretoddler Instruction BHTV3-08S


Infants, Traveling With

-Time Zone Changes BHTV1-09S     


 -Age Appropriate BHTV3-08S

 -Giving to Pretoddler PFTV4-02S   


Learning Environments

 -Blanket Time BHTV2-12S

 -Brain Enhancement Videos BHTV4-11S

 -Creating Learning Opportunities BHTV4-13S

 -Toys, Pretoddler BHTV4-12S


Mealtime and Hand Training- BHTV3-11S



 -Cat Naps, Dropping BHTV4-07S

 -Infants 45 Minute Intruder BHTV1-06S         


Pacifier Falling Out of Mouth- BHTV4-10S                

Pincer & Raking Reflex- BHTV3-03S                          


 -Advantages of BHTV2-13S, BHTV4-03S,

 -How and When to Use It BHTV4-03S

Pretoddler Correction Basics- BHTV4-01S, BHTV4-04S

 -Four Methods with Babies/Pretoddlers BHTV4-02S        

 -Surrendering with Dignity BHTV4-04S


Raking & Pincer Reflex- BHTV3-03S

Routine, Samples for 9 Month Old- BHTV3-02S


Sign Language & Babies- BHTV2-04S, BHTV3-12S


 -Adjusting Night Feedings BHTV1-08S

 -Dream Feed BHTV1-07S

 -Infant Capacity to Sleep BHTV1-08S

Snack Feeding and Solid Foods- BYTV2-04S

Solid Foods- BHTV2-01SBHTV2-11S

 -Breastfeeding Warning BHTV2-03S

 -Order of Feeding  BHTV2-03S

 -Signs For Starting BHTV1-11S

 -Starting Two Early BHTV1-11S

Sippy Cup

 -Importance of BHTV1-12S

 -Where BHTV2-11S

Speaking “Life” to Your Pretoddler- BHTV3-09S

Speaking Your Baby’s Name- BHTV3-10S

Standing in Crib- BHTV4-06S

Structure Leaning Time- BHTV2-12S

Swaddling, When to Stop- BHTV1-04S                     


Timer, Benefits of for Playpen- BHTV4-11S

Time Zones and Traveling- BHTV1-09S

Toys, Pretoddler- BHTV4-12S

Training, Proactive- BHTV3-06S         

Training, Components of- BHTV3-07S


Utensils, Introducing to Pretoddler- PFTV2-02S


Videos, Brain Enchantment- BHTV4-09S

Vocabulary, 3 Levels of Development- BHTV3-08S


Waketime Activities- BHTV2-12S, BHTV2-13S

Waking at Night, Pretoddler- BHTV4-5S

Whining- BHTV3-12S

Whole Milk, When and Why- PFTV2-01S

Words Fitly Spoken- BHTV3-13S