Parenting From the Tree of Life
(Preschool through Adolescence)

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Accentuating the Positive- LSV6-05S

Addicted to Choice, Children- LSV15-05S, LSV15-06S

Adolescent Suicide Rate- LSV1-01S

Age, Teaching Respect for- LSV10-01S

America Style of Dining- LSV10-04S

Anger Response Explained- LSV5-03S

Apology, Types of- LSV17-09S

Attitudes, Correcting- LSV17-05S


Birthday Parties and Gifts- LSV12-02S

Blessing Children- LSV13-11S

Bread and Bread Plates- LSV11-12S

Bribing Children- LSV14-08S

Broken “Why”- LSV7-01S

Buffet Lines Courtesy- LSV11-09S


Categories of Moral Training

  -Pro-social virtues LSV9-03S

Cell Phones Courtesies- MPS-07

Character Training and

-Peer Pressure on Parents LSV7-01S

  -Personality LSV7-06S

  -Standard of training LSV7-01S

  -Temperament LSV7-01S

  -Variables of Training LSV7-01S

Childhood Security and Marriage- LSV2-04S

Childishness, Correcting- LSV17-12S


  -Defined LSV17-07S

  -3-Levels of Correction LSV17-12S

Children and

  -Empathy Training LSV13-05S

  -God-Names LSV13-12S

  -Helping After a Meal LSV11-13S

  -Moral Capacities LSV7-03S

  -Negative Influences LSV13-09S

  -Security LSV13-04S

Children’s Response “I Can’t”- LSV5-07S

Children, Who Is Influencing- LSV13-09S


   -Addiction, Children LSV15-05S, LSV15-06S

   -Physical Freedoms LSV15-07S

-Too Many LSV15-05S

   -Verbal Freedoms LSV15-08S


   -Brings to the Moment LSV9-01S

   -Define LSV9-01S

-Categories of LSV9-02S

   -Components of LSV9-01S

   -Greetings LSV9-03S

-Introduction LSV9-01S

-Manners LSV9-01S

   -Pro-Social Habits LSV9-03S

   -Purpose of LSV9-01S

   -Why, Understanding LSV9-02S

Clean But Empty House- LSV7-04S

Communication, Necessity of- LSV15-03S

Compliments, Responding to- LSV9-06S, LSV9-07S


-Accusing And Affirming LSV8-02S

  -Defined LSV8-01S

  -How it Works LSV8-02S

  -Moral Warehouse LSV8-02S

  -Prompting LSV8-02S

  -Search Mechanism LSV8-02S

  -Storing Virtues LSV8-02S

Consequences, Types of- LSV17-14S

Controlling Outcomes- LSV1-02S


  -Attitude LSV17-04S

  -Childishness LSV17-12S

  -Foolishness LSV17-13S

  -Willful Defiance LSV17-14S


  -Define LSV13-02S

  -Defiance LSV17-14S

  -Healthy Lawn Analogy LSV13-02S

  -Key Principles LSV17-19S

  -Purpose LSV13-01S, LSV13-03S

  -Restitution LSV17-14S

  -Spot Treating Correction LSV13-01S, LSV13-02S

  -Two Approaches LSV13-02S

  -Weeding Analogy LSV13-02S

  -Wrong Types LSV17-17S

Correction Introduced- LSV17-01S

Correction, Four Laws- LSV17-06S

  -Precept One: Motive LSV17-07S

  -Precept Two: Punishment LSV17-08S

  -Precept Three: Forgiveness LSV17-09S

  -Precept Four: Learning LSV17-10S

Correction, Proactive- Why?- LSV5-02S

Correction Promoting Learning- LSV17-10S

Correction Variables- LSV17-13S

Correction, What not to do- LSV13-02S

Couch Time, Science Behind- LSV13-04S

Courtesies Associated with

  -Birthdays LSV12-02S

  -Chair Manners LSV12-01S

  -Crossing Over Principle LSV12-06S

  -Crossing Over Examples LSV12-07S

  -Greeting LSV9-03S, LSV12-03S

  -Seven Birds on a Fence LSV12-04S

  -Seven Death Concepts LSV12-05S

  -Standing at Greeting LSV12-03S

Courtesy Defined- LSV9-01S

Creation Story- LSV1-05S

Crossing Over- LSV12-07S

Cultural Challenges- LSV1-01S

Cultural Death Beginning- LSV1-06S

Cursing Children- LSV13-11S


Dads and Note Writing- LSV6-03S

Dating Your Children- LSV14-06S

Death and Judgment- LSV1-07S

Death Concepts to Avoid- LSV12-05S

Death, Speaking- LSV1-06S

Defiance, How to Correct

  -Consequences Natural LSV17-14S

  -Consequences Logical LSV17-14S

Dining Styles- LSV11-05S

Discernment and Correction- LSV17-11S

Discipline Defined- LSV17-02S

Discipline Flow Chart- LSV17-11S

Disobedience: Active-Passive- LSV17-05S

Educational Side of Correction- LSV17-10S

Emotional Messaging- LSV5-03S

Emotional Trunk Lines- LSV5-02S, LSV5-03S

Emotions, Placing Value On- LSV5-03S

Empathy, Instilling- LSV13-05S

Empty House, Principle of- LSV7-04S

Encouraging Good Behavior- LSV14-01S

Entitlement, False- LSV15-05S

Entitlement Training Dangers of- LSV15-05S

European Style of Dining- LSV10-04S

Eye Contact- LSV9-04S


Family, Fitting Together- LSV2-05S

Family “Why”- LSV7-01S

Fathers Touch Signature- LSV4-04S

Father Writing Notes- LSV6-03S

Five-Minute Warning- LSV14-11S

Five Senses, The- LSV4-03S

Flattery, Dangers of- LSV5-04S, LSV5-07S

Folding Hands- LSV14-03S

Foolishness- LSV17-07S

Forgiveness- LSV17-09S

Four Capacities, The- LSV7-03S

Freedom, Childhood

  -Funnel Indicators And Examples LSV15-02S 

-Physical Freedoms LSV15-07S,

  -Too Many LSV15-03S, LSV15-05S, LSV15-06S

  -Verbal Freedoms LSV15-08S

Freedom to Fail- LSV5-05S

Funnel, Parenting Outside- LSV15-02S

  -How to Fix LSV15-09S


Gender and Touch- LSV4-06S

Genetic Influence- LSV2-01S

Glorifying God- LSV7-01S

God, Fullness of Character- LSV4-06S

God-Name Defined- LSV13-12S

God’s Love Described- LSV1-04S

God’s Redemptive Love- LSV7-07S

God’s World of Goodness- LSV1-05S

Good, Better, Best- LSV9-04S

Greeting Basics- LSV9-03S, LSV12-03S


Hand Folding- LSV14-03S

Healthy Lawn Perspective- LSV13-02S

Home Environment- LSV1-03S

Human Value, Measured by

  -Improbability of Life LSV7-09S

  -Moral Capacity of Man LSV7-08S

  -Redemptive Love LSV7-07S

Hurtful Words- LSV6-01S

Husband-Wife Influence- LSV2-03S, LSV13-04S


“I Can’t” Response- LSV5-07S

Identity and Healthy Family- LSV13-08S

Identity and Intrinsic Motivation- LSV13-07S

Identity and Parenting Implications- LSV13-07S

Identity and Peer Pressure- LSV13-08S

Identity and Negative Names- LSV13-11S

Identity, Defined- LSV13-07S

Identity, Negative- LSV13-09S, LSV13-11S

Improbability of Life- LSV7-09S

Independent Family- LSV13-08S


     -Expectations LSV4-01S, LSV17-03S

     -Five Minute Warning LSV14-11S

     -Giving to Young Children LSV14-10S

     -Mental Sequence Required LSV4-01S

     -Principles of LSV14-07, LSV14-11S

     -Types of Responses LSV17-03S

     -What Not to Do LSV14-07S, LSV14-08S

Interdependent Family- LSV13-08S

Interrupt Courtesy- LSV7-03S

Isolation Consequence- LSV17-14S


Jesting, Moral Implications- LSV12-05S

Judgment and Understanding- LSV1-07S


Knife and Fork

  -American Dining LSV11-04S

  -Continental Dining LSV11-04S


Labor, Value Derived from- LSV10-04S

Life, Beginning of- LSV1-04S

Life, Improbability of- LSV7-09S

Life-Giving Home- LSV1-03S

Life, Speaking- LSV1-05S

Logical Consequences- LSV17-14S

Love Notes from Dad- LSV6-03S

Love Signatures- LSV4-03S, LSV4-04S


Maiden Story- LSV10-04S

Making God Bigger- Explained- LSV7-01S

Manners Defined- LSV10-04S

Manners, Mealtime

   -Bread And Butter Etiquette LSV11-12S

   -Buffet Lines Courtesy LSV11-09S

   -General LSV11-02S

   -Honoring Server LSV11-07S

   -Napkin, Proper Use LSV11-06S

   -Passing Food LSV11-08S

   -Passing Salt and Pepper LSV11-010S

   -Rushing Someone’s Meal LSV11-11S

Man’s Redemptive Value- LSV7-07S

Marriage and Childhood Insecurities- MPS-09

Marriage and Parenting- LSV2-03S, LSV2-04S

Marriage Factor- LSV2-04S

Marriage-Israel-Church- LSV2-02S

Marshmallow Test- LSV4-02S

Mealtime, Behaviors to Avoid- LSV11-03S

Mealtime Manners- LSV11-01S

Mealtime Manners “Why”- LSV11-14S

Measuring the Value of Life- LSV7-07S

Mood Imprint- LSV6-02S, LSV6-05S

Moral Education

-Categories of LSV9-02S   

-Corollary Life Skills LSV7-03S

   -Introduction LSV7-02S, LSV8-02S

   -Precepts of LSV7-03S

   -Self Control Training LSV14-02S

   -Temperament LSV7-06S

   -Ultimate “Why” LSV7-01S

Moral Instruction- LSV8-03S

Moral Training and the Four Capacities- LSV7-03S

Moral Warehouse- LSV8-02S

Moral Why Behind Training- LSV7-01S

Moral Why Examples- LSV8-03S, LSV8-04S, LSV8-05S

Moral Why for Children- LSV8-03S

Moral Why for Parents- LSV7-01S

Motherhood, Seasons of- LSV4-02S


Names Parents Give Children- LSV13-10S, LSV13-11S

Napkins, Proper Use- LSV11-06S

Natural Consequences- LSV17-14S

Negative Parents, Warning- LSV6-02S

Negative People, Influence of- LSV6-05S

Neurologic Mood Imprints- LSV6-02S

Neurologic Signature- LSV4-04S

Neuro-Messages- LSV4-09S

Neuro-Pathways Development- LSV5-03S

Neuroscience of Security- LSV13-04S


Obedience and Response Types- LSV17-03S

Obedience, Character of- LSV17-03S

“Okay,” When Not Okay!- LSV14-09S

Open Window Phenomenon- LSV6-06S


Parenting, Feeling Overwhelmed- LSV14-13S

Parenting Outside the Funnel- LSV15-01S

Parenting Outside the Funnel, How to Fix?- LSV15-09S

Parent Types

  -Bribing Parent LSV14-08S

  -Threatening-Repeating LSV14-07S

Peer Pressure and Family Identity- LSV13-08S

Peer Pressure on Parents- LSV7-01S

Personality Differences- LSV7-06S

Perspective Scroll- LSV1-08S

Phone Courtesies- MPS-07

Positive Words- LSV5-02S, LSV6-02S

Potato Principle- LSV7-05S


  -Defined LSV5-04S

  -False LSV5-04S

Practical Why- LSV8-05S

Preciousness of Others- LSV7-07S

Punishment Defined- LSV17-08S


Reflective Dialogue- LSV17-13S

Reflective Sit Time, defined- LSV17-13S

Repentance- LSV17-09S


  -Age LSV10-01S, LSV10-02S

  -Property LSV10-03S, LSV10-04S

Response, “I Can’t”- LSV5-07S

Responsible Child, How to Raise- LSV16-01S

Restitution- LSV17-14S

Rushing Children- LSV14-12S


Salt and Pepper, Passing of- LSV11-10S

Sarcasm- LSV12-05S

Security, Neuroscience of- LSV13-04S


  -Defined LSV14-02S

  -Folding Hands LSV14-03S

  -Training LSV14-03S

Sensory Messages- LSV4-03S, LSV5-02S

Sensory Signature- LSV4-03S, LSV4-04S

Seven Birds on a Fence- LSV12-04S

Seven Death Concepts- LSV12-05S

Shackling the Mind- LSV5-07S

Shaming Children- LSV17-17S

Shopping Carts- LSV10-04S

Single Parenting- LSV2-03S

Smile, Influence of- LSV9-03S

Spanking, Warnings And Guidelines- LSV17-16S

Speaking Death- LSV1-05S

Speaking Life Defined- LSV1-05S

Standing Up Courtesy- LSV12-03S

Structure and Routine, Benefits of- LSV14-04S, LSV14-05S


Temperament and Training Explained- LSV7-06S

Tenderness and Fathers- LSV4-09S

Three Influences on Development- LSV2-01S

Tongue and Tone- LSV5-02S, LSV6-04S

Too Many Choices To Early- LSV15-01S, LSV15-05S

Touch and

  -Development LSV4-05S, LSV4-07S

  -Emotional implications LSV4-08S

  -Gender implications LSV4-06S

  -Memory LSV4-10S

  -Statistical Warnings LSV4-07S

  -Tenderness implications LSV4-09S

  -Validating LSV4-10S

Touch, Dads and Daughters- LSV4-03S, LSV4-09S

Touch, Fun Example of- LSV4-11S

Touch Signature, Fathers- LSV4-04S

Training, Parental Communication- LSV15-03S

Training, Preventative- LSV14-01S

Treasures of the Heart- LSV4-01S


Understanding, seeking- LSV1-05S


Value of Life, Measuring- LSV7-07S

Verbal Freedoms, Too Many- LSV15-08S

Verbal Responses- LSV14-10S

Verbal Self-Control- LSV14-03S

Vice Defined- LSV1-05S

Virtue and Vice- LSV1-05S

Virtue Defined- LSV1-05S

Virtuous Words- LSV1-05S

Voice Levels- LSV9-08S

Voices Influences Children- LSV13-09S

Vulgarity- LSV12-05S


What Children are Facing Today- LSV1-01S

Whisper, Teaching Children- LSV9-08S

Whole Child Concept- LSV7-03S

“Why” of the Family- LSV7-01S

Willful Defiance- LSV17-14S

“Wise in your own eyes” Concept- LSV15-04S

Words, Blessing and Cursing- LSV5-02S

Words That Destroy- LSV5-04S, LSV6-01S

Words, Power of- LSV5-01S, LSV6-02S

Words, Sensory Impressions- LSV5-02S

Words That Fail Children- LSV5-07S

Words That Shackle the Mind- LSV5-06S


“Yes, Mom” Response- LSV14-10S