Preparation for Parenting
(Birth to 6-Months)

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Activities of Baby’s Day- PFPV4-01S, PFPV4-02S, PFP4-03S

Alertness, Optimal- PFPV4-18S

Anxious Moments with Newborn- PFPV3-14S

Assessing Baby’s Cry 4-Steps- PFPV4-18S


Babies and Crying- PFPV4-16S                             

Babies and Hygiene- PFPV5-13S, PFPV5-14S

Babies and Naps- PFPV4-01S, PFPV4-02S, PFPV4-03S

Babies and Sleep- PFPV2-08S

Baby, Premature- PFPV5-09S

Baby, When to Wake From Naps- PFPV4-11S

Baby’s Routine- PFPV4-01S

Belief System and the Ripple Effect- PFPV2-01S

Birth Weight- PFPV3-13S

Birthing, Labor and Delivery- PFPV5-07S

Breastfeeding and

 -Challenges PFPV5-05S

 -Fatigue, Chronic PFPV4-10S

 -Fatigue, General PFPV4-09S

 -First Moment PFPV3-11S

 -First Week PFPV3-06S

 -Growth Spurts PFPV4-07S     

-Healthy Growth Indicators PFPV3-04S, PFPV3-12S

 -Hunger Cues PFPV3-05S

 -Parent-Directed Feeding PFPV2-07S

 -Parent-Directed Feeding Statistics PFPV3-03S

 -Post Partum Challenges PFPV5-08S

-Three Milk Phases PFPV3-14S

Breast Milk

 -First Milk PFPV3-14S

 -Transition Milk PFPV3-14S

 -Mature Milk PFPV3-14S

Breast Milk vs Formula- PFPV3-02S

Bottle Feeding- PVPV5-10S

 -Fathers and Bottle Feeding PFPV5-06S

 -Introducing to Breastfed Baby PFPV5-06S, PFPV5-10S

Burping a Baby- PFPV5-11S


Caesarian Birth (C-Section)- PFPV3-17S

 -Eight Weeks PFPV5-02S

 -Finding Help PFPV3-18S

 -Post Op Recovery PFPV3-19S

 -Reasons for PFPV1-04S

 -Unexpected PFPV5-07S

 -What Does Not Change PFPV3-19S

Calories, Nighttime- PFPV5-04S

Clock Feeding- PFPV2-06S

Colic and Fussy Baby- PFPV4-13S

Colostrum- PFPV3-14S

Co-Sleeping, Infant- PFPV2-11S

Cries, Assessing Baby’s- PFPV4-19S

Crying, Infant- PFPV4-16S

 -Abnormal Periods PFPV4-17S

 -Normal Periods PFPV4-17S 

Couch Time Principle Five PFPV1-07S               


Dads, Encouragement for- PFPV3-10S


Establishing First Morning Feeding- PFPV4-06S


Fatigue and Breastfeeding- PFPV4-09S                    

Fatigue, Chronic- PFPV4-10S

Fathers, Helping Hands- PFPV3-15S

Fear, Overcoming, First time Moms- PFPV4-12S

Feeding, Governing Principles

 -First Four Weeks PFPV4-06S

 -First Morning Feeding PFPV4-06S

 -Measuring the Time Between PFPV4-06S

Feeding Philosophies, the Three- PFPV2-02S                       

 -Clock Feeding PFPV2-06S

 -Cry Feeding (Infant Led) PFPV2-03S

 -Parent Directed Feedings PFPV2-07S

Feeding Routine Common Mistakes- PFPV4-04S

Feeding Routines

 -Weeks 1-2 PFPV4-01S

 -Weeks 3-5 PFPV4-02S

 -Weeks 6-12 PFPV4-03S

Feeding, Two Rules- PFPV4-02S

Feeding Routines, Synchronizing- PFPV4-01S

Feed-Wake-Sleep Exceptions- PVPV4-01S, PFPV4-03S

Feed-Wake-Sleep Graphs

 -Birth to 2 Weeks PFPV4-01S

 -Weeks 3-5 PFPV4-02S

 -Weeks 6-12 PFPV4-03S 

Feed-Wake-Sleep Mistakes- PVPV4-04S

Feed-Wake-Sleep Synchronizing- PFPV2-09S, PFPV4-01S

Feeling Overwhelmed with a Newborn- PFPV3-09S

Finding Help- PFPV3-07S

First Morning Feeding- PFPV4-06S

First-time Mom – Fear of Failure- PFPV4-12S

Food, Infants Thriving- PFPV3-04S

Formula Feeding- PFPV3-02S

Formula Types- PFPV5-10S

Four Critical Principles to Success- PFPV4-06S

Fussy Baby’s and Reflux- PFPV4-13S


Genetics- PFPV1-05S 

Goals versus Priorities: Explained- PFPV5-03S

Growth Charts- PFPV3-12S 

Growth Spurts, Understanding- PFPV4-07S


Healthy Baby Growth Charts- PFPV3-11S, PFPV3-12S

Home Environment and

 -The Three Great Influences PFPV1-05S        

Hormones and New Baby- PFPV3-09S

Hunger Cues, Infants- PFPV3-05S


Infants and Crying- PFPV4-16S

Infants and Hygiene Care- PFPV5-13S, PFPV5-14S

Infants and Sleep- PFPV2-08S

 -Family Bed Warnings PFPV2-11S

 -Influence of Routine on Sleep PFPV2-09S

 -Naps, Infants PFPV4-01S, PFPV4-02S, PFPV4-03S

 -Sleep Props, What to Avoid PFPV2-10S

 -Pacifier PFPV5-12S, BHTV4-10S            

Infant Death, (Family Bed Warnings)- PFPV2-11S

Infant Feeding

 -Bottle, Introducing to Breastfed Infant  PFPV5-06S

 -Breastmilk versus Formula PFPV3-02S

 -Calorie Intake and Nighttime Sleep PFPV5-04S

 -Establishing Feeding Routine PFPV4-01S, PFPV4-02S, PFPV4-03S

 -Feeding Routine Common Mistakes PFPV4-04S

 -First Feeding of the Day PFPV4-06S

 -Healthy Baby Growth Charts PFPV3-12S

 -Hunger Cues PFPV3-05S

Infant Feeding Philosophies- PFPV2-02S, PFPV2-03S, PFPV2-04S

 -Clock Feeding, dangers of PFPV2-06S

 -Demand Feeding, dangers of PFPV2-05S

 -Parent Directed Feeding PFPV2-07S

 -Ripple Effect On Feeding Explained PFPV2-01S

Infant Growth Indicators- PFPV3-04S

Infant, Influences on- PFPV1-05S

Infant Led Feeding- PFPV2-05S

Infant Led Feeding Medical Concerns- PFPV2-05S

Infant Security and Marriage- PFPV1-05S

Infants, Newborn Initial Weight Loss- PFPV3-13S

Infants, Weight Gain- PFPV3-12S                                       


Knowledge versus Understanding- PFPV2-03S


Labor and Delivery- PFPV5-07S


 -Infant Security PFPV1-07S

 -Influence on Baby PFPV1-05S                

 -Shared Expectations with Newborns PFPV5-01S

 -With a Newborn in the Home PFPV1-07S, PFPV3-08S


 -Feeling Overwhelmed PFPV3-09S

 -Hormones, Father’s Perspective PFPV3-10S           



 -Challenges PFPV4-04S

 -Fathers helping hands PFPV3-15S

 -Initial Weight Loss PFPV3-13S

 -Newborns Naps PFPV4-01S, PFPV4-02S, PFPV4-03S, PFPV4-04S

 -Pack and Play & Naps PFPV4-08S

 -Over Sensory Stimulation PFPV4-14S

Nighttime Sleep (Infants)- PFPV2-08S

Normal: Defining Time Increments- PFPV4-05S


Optimal Alertness and Sleep- PFPV4-19S                                                



 -Infants PFPV5-12S                                  

 -Falling Out of Mouth PFPV5-10S

Pack and Play & Naps- PFPV4-08S

Parenting Alone- PFPV1-06S

Parent-Directed Feeding (PDF)- PFPV2-07S

 -Benefits of PFPV3-03S

 -Feeding Statistics PFPV3-03S


 -Challenges PFPV5-11S

 -Importance of PFPV4-03S

Post Partum Challenges- PFPV5-08S

Premature Baby- PFPV5-09S

Premature Birth- PFPV5-09S


Reflux- PFPV4-13S

Reviews/Preparation for Parenting- PFPV1-01S

Ripple Effect and

 -Beliefs PFPV2-01S

 -Influence on Infant Feeding Philosophies- PFPV2-01S

Routine Feeding- PFPV2-07S

Routing Feedings and Sleep- PFPV2-09S


Single Parent(ing)- PFPV1-06S

Sleep and Optimal Alertness- PFPV4-19S

Sleep Props, (Infants) What to Avoid- PFPV2-10S   

Sleep, Importance of- PFPV2-08S

Sleep Infants, When to Wake- PFPV3-05S

Sleep, Value of

 -Infants PFPV2-06S

 -Testimonies PFPV5-16S 

Sleep–Waketime Common Mistakes- PFPV4-04S

Sleeping The Wrong 7 Hours- PFPV5-02S 

Sleeping Through the Night- PFPV2-08S, PFPV5-03S

Snack Feeding, Infants- PFPV3-04S, PFPV3-014S

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)- PFPV2-11S

Swaddling Infants

  -How to PFPV5-15S

  -Four Month Old Swaddling BHTV1-04S


Three Infant Feeding Philosophies- PFPV2-02S

Time Increments, Ranges of- PFPV4-05S

Tummy Time, Necessity of- PFPV4-15S

Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star (Mozart)- PFPV5-17S


Unforeseen Outcomes- PFPV5-07S


Weight, Newborns

 -Infants, Weight Gain PFPV3-12S 

-Initial Weight Loss PFPV3-13S

Waketime and Tummy Time- PFPV4-15S

Waketime, Based on Infant’s Age

  -Infants (Weeks 1-2) PFPV4-01S                                    

  -Infants (Weeks 3-5) PFPV4-02S

  -Infants (Weeks 6-12) PFPV4-03S

Waketime, Over-stimulation- PFPV4-14S

Waking Sleeping Baby: Why?- PFPV3-05S, PFPV4-11S       

Wife and Motherhood- PFPV3-08S

Wisdom, Attributes of Learning- PFPV1-02S

Worldview- PFPV2-01S